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Tim Kohler

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Tim Kohler

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Santa Fe Institute
Washington State University
IPEM Director

I'm the senior principal investigator on the NSF IGERT (IPEM) grant, and I teach one class (Anth 547, Models in Anthropology) that is part of the of the IPEM curriculum. Currently that class spends a little bit of time on mathematical modeling and most of the rest of the time on agent-based modeling. The other thing that keeps me really busy is the NSF-sponsored "Village Ecodynamics Project" in the US Southwest, which embarks on a second five-year research program in January 2009. 

My research interests include the demographic, economic, and social processes surrounding neolithization, evolutionary approaches to culture change, agent-based modeling, and theories of and methods for studying complex adaptive systems, which I struggle to adapt to the peculiarities of archaeological data. I'm a Research Associate at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado, and an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute of New Mexico. Several of my recent publications are available for download at the Anthropology website below.


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